Storm in us.

We started like a drizzle; where raindrops of friendship started the storm in us. The rain was little but it can help the flowers to keep on growing. Yes, indeed it made us stronger. Then the wind came, the struggle of standing amidst the upcoming thunder remained in us. We were hidden in the dark clouds of shy, of doubts, and mostly of uncertainty. We began to be afraid of the storm inside our hearts that we forgot to guard our own feelings. And yet the most beautiful storm happened in a place surrounded by chirps and autumn leaves.

When the lightnings are coming and they are starting to burn a fire inside our minds. With almost happens and happened and happening, with joy and little quarrels and big quarrels of how the moon is lit by the sun in the almighty Cosmos.  Memories combined and through broken friendships and burnt bridges, through rumors and rocks, through the lost and what went missing, there is something that remained unchanged, and it is ours.

The flowers are also blooming and the spring is flying off into a summer storm with its wings. I imagine ourselves in the fields of dandelions and little rocks while we both enjoy the sunset as our scenery is somewhat morroccan or parisian. Our smiles are meant to be like the sun coming to smiles because that’s where I will put it on your lips. There are no more rooms for a sad life, but only for a sleepy and peaceful night.

Don’t face the hurricane alone. Hold hands.

Soon, the rain will stop on falling; the dark clouds will disappear and the wind will blow a gentle breeze. The bad weathers will soon pass and new beginnings await us. We just have to know we’re being in the right coincidence of time where we want to be.

Storm in us.