Wait for…

Wait for the person who makes your heart beat faster by simply saying your name.

Wait for the person who gets so lost staring at your face that you both forget what song is even playing on that radio. Wait for the person who wants to get to know you,  your friends, your parents, and how they raised someone as a bundle of wonder as you.

Wait for someone who yearns to understand you, where you came from, and still cares the shit out of you more than ever.

You deserve to wake up smiling. Why? Because you are you and can become more. Wait for someone who understands you so completely, it is unnecessary to explain yourself. Because they simply already know the thoughts running through your complicated mind and they know how to put your fears at ease.

Wait for someone who will stand by you at your best and catch you when you fall to the worst. Wait for someone who will take every tear away and turn the every suffocating moment into beautiful sunshines.

Because you are so beyond worth it, wait for the one who speaks to your soul.

Wait for…

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